The Divine Order - DVD SET
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The Divine Order - DVD SET

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Despite what you may think, your life is not just a series of random events strung together circumstantially with no purpose or direction. Your world isn't merely the result of a "big bang" or a universal accident. God's order pervades your life and your world. His fingerprint-His intelligent design-is evident in everything about you.
King David said it like this, "The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display his craftsmanship" (Psalm 19:1 The New Living Translation).
A. R. Bernard's new message entitled, "The Divine Order: Finding Peace and Fulfillment in God's Design," shows how God has a definite order for everything and how you can find peace and fulfillment when you understand His order and begin to pattern your life after it.
You'll learn…  

o How to recognize God's design and order in your life
o The six keys to understanding God's order
o The dangers of building your life on your own rules
o The critical connection between order and relationship  

"When you go through the storms and trials of life, are you still just as committed to God's order-His design?"

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