The Art of Problem Solving - DVD
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The Art of Problem Solving - DVD

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Jesus desires that we all become skilled in the art of problems and discovering solutions…not just for our lives, but also for the benefit of the Kingdom.  When Jesus walked the earth His confidence and courage, skill and discernment caused word about Him to spread.  He quickly became known as the “go-to” guy.

It is said that a wise leader must reproduce himself in others.  Jesus, who is the wisest leader who ever lived, longs to reproduce Himself in all of us!

This world is full of problems…problems begging for solutions.  The world is searching for those who can solve difficult problems and answer tough questions.

In THE ART OF PROBLEM SOLVING A. R. Bernard skillfully explains…

- How to become skilled in the art of solving problems

- Exactly what a problem is and understanding solution strategies

- How to reduce the gap between what you have and what you want

- How to create an action plan to provide solutions to problems

- Why problems come our way—the answer might surprise you!

THE ART OF PROBLEM SOLVING A. R. Bernard’s new message on becoming trained in the skill of problem-solving is full of valuable keys that will help you focus on solutions…and tap into the power of the Holy Spirit to generate them.

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