Naomi: Choices Determine Our Destiny - MP3 Download
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Naomi: Choices Determine Our Destiny - MP3 Download

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We have many opportunities every day to make choices – it is a powerful privilege that God gave to all human beings.  But with the privilege comes significant responsibility. 

It is God’s plan for us to make wise choices, based on His Word and His character – but that can only happen by studying the Word and discovering His plan. 

In this teaching, A. R. Bernard presents valuable truths we can learn from Bible account of the life of Naomi – a life that included some big detours and disappointments.  But in the end, even after a time of great despair, Naomi experienced the great provision of God in her life. 

You’ll discover three important principles that can literally change the direction of your life. 

1. Your life is composed of your choices.  Everything that you have and are today is composed of the choices that you have been making or in some cases, the choices made for you by someone else all your life. 

2. You become a servant to the choices you make.  Choices have consequences – some good… some bad.  But what you choose you will serve. 

3. Your choices determine your destiny.  The Bible says we can choose life or death, blessings or curses – and what we choose, either way, determines our destiny. 

If you are not happy with your choices and want to overcome some detours and disappointments in your own life, it’s time to start looking for God’s provision.  Remember that you can determine your destiny by making godly decisions.

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