Becoming Strong In The Spirit - MP3 Download
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Becoming Strong In The Spirit - MP3 Download

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In BECOMING STRONG IN THE SPIRIT, A.R. Bernard in a clear, concise way explains the often-mysterious relationship between our spirit and God’s spirit. It is His spirit who gives us the understanding of what is impossible in the natural but possible in the Spirit. It is His Spirit that enables us to connect with God… to not only speak to Him but to hear and understand what He says back to us. A.R. Bernard says, “Everybody speaks to God, but only those who walk in the spirit can hear what God says in response.”

THE HOLY SPIRIT PLAYS SUCH AN IMPORTANT PART IN OUR LIVES – a much more important role than many of us realize. He is more than just the third part of the Trinity.  We don’t see him but we can feel His presence.  We can see the effect He has on our lives and on the world around us--- if we know where to look.

Faith, hope, prayer, worship… they are all based in the Spirit.  They can only be fully utilized and understood in the Spirit. Likewise, we are all spirit-beings and the only way we can really connect with the God who created us is through His Spirit.

BECOMING STRONG IN THE SPIRIT, gives us a glimpse inside the person who is strong in His Spirit:

  • How does He relate to God?
  • How does she perceive the world around her?
  • How does he interpret life’s daily events?
  • How does she stay strong?
  • How does he avoid failure?

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