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Audacious Faith - MP3 Download

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Jesus told us that we would have trials and tribulations in this world. But He has given us a tool to help us navigate through those difficult times: FAITH! But just like the muscles in our bodies, our faith has to be developed so we can really flex it to its full, audacious potential. So before we can flex our faith, we must build it through hearing and understanding God’s Word.  The Audacious Mindset of Faith by A.R. Bernard will help give you the audacity to flex your faith muscles and believe God for things that are beyond your ability, your upbringing, or your experience. He will provide an answer!  In The Audacious Mindset of Faith, Bernard teaches how Abraham’s faith mindset gave him the confidence he needed to put his own son on the altar for sacrifice. He was able to flex his faith muscles and proceed in confidence, knowing that God would provide an answer…and He did.  Abraham’s example reminds us that we live by FAITH and not by sight.

This message will teach you how:

Your Mindset Establishes Expectations

Your Expectations Cause Preparation

Your Preparation Produces Confidence

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