Two Roads - DVD
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Two Roads - DVD

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In Matthew 7, Jesus tells of two roads. One traveled by many that leads to death and destruction. And another road, less traveled that leads to life and light. Because of Adam's sin, we are all born into the natural kingdom and walk on the natural road...ruled over by Satan. His laws of fear, greed, lust, and darkness rule over our lives. His road is traveled by many and leads to death. We don't have to ask the road everyone else is taking. WE CAN TAKE EITHER ROAD! We can be different! God has provided us a way of escaping from the dark kingdom and off the road that leads to death. We can take the other road, the one that leads to life and into His kingdom of LIGHT! In this message, A. R. Bernard will show you the stark difference in the two roads. You will learn how to judge between the two and recognize which one you are traveling on. You must choose which road you will travel. 

1. The road traveled by many or by few. 

2. The road of Darkness or of Light 

3. The road of Lies or of Truth 

4. The road of Death or of Life 

5. The road of Hate of LOVE! You don't have to be ruled by Satan or travel on his road that leads to death. You can be different and take the road less traveled!

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