The Unseen Battle - CD
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The Unseen Battle - CD

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Idols always make promises they never keep. They promise to give us happiness, pleasure, fulfillment, and contentment but ultimately their only desire is to enslave us and dominate us. Idols can be anything we depend on, apart from Jesus, to make us feel fulfilled and secure. Things like possessions and money are idols. But so are things like fear, pride and even past wounds. Every single day these idols fight to take the place of God in our lives. That’s the unseen battle we all fight.

Whatever wins this fight will determine your destiny. That’s why it’s so critical to win this battle. God wants you to be subject to no one but Him. He will always give life…abundantly!

In The Unseen Battle, A. R. Bernard will teach you how to fight and win this battle. He shows you just who your enemies are and how they are best defeated. The Unseen Battle will show you the source of the conflicts in your life and how they are tied to your inner struggle.

•   What are you holding onto that keeps you from repenting?
•   Why do you find it so hard to forgive?
•   What’s keeping you from reconciliation?

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