Reaching for the Promises - CD
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Reaching for the Promises - CD

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We know that a promise is a binding declaration that someone will do what they said they will do. But most of the time, in this life, we question whether we can really believe someone's promise…we wonder if they will really do what they promised they would do. A promise is only as good as the integrity of the person making the promise. But when God is the one making the promises, you have the assurance that His word is true…it is AMEN! God has put 8,810 promises in the Bible for you! And if God is for you, who can stand against you? Reaching for the Promises by A. R. Bernard teaches you about God's promises and why they can be counted on every single time. He will show you why the wisest thing you can do is to find the promise of God that applies to your situation and say AMEN…SO BE IT! God's promises are YES and AMEN in Christ. When we find ourselves in Him, we have the right to expect or claim the fulfillment of that promise. That's the assurance found in our Lord.
In Reaching for the Promises, A. R. Bernard will teach you:  

· The definition of a promise
· The power found when you agree with the promise
· Why God doesn't simply place all the answers in your hand

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