My Father the King - Part 3 (5 CD Teaching)
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My Father the King - Part 3 (5 CD Teaching)

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See yourself as God sees you by learning your rightful place in God's kingdom.  Through this eye-opening series, A. R. Bernard brings the word of God alive to drastically alter your worldview.  When you understand the truth in these messages, you will find new purpose and meaning in your life.  To know the Almighty as your Father the King is to possess peace of mind like never before.

Part 1: The Highest Principle of God's Kingdom
1. Each level of maturity brings a new level of freedom
2.  Relationships have to be maintained
3. God can create something out of nothing
4. Preparation is the fruit of a structured life
5. You choose your future

Part 2: Made in His Likeness, Created in His Image
1. Making Better Choices
2. Distance is not measured in miles, but in affection 
3. Where there is order there is stability and peace
4. Attributes of God
5. Your destiny is tied to your relationships

Part 3: From Slavery to Sonship
1. Reconciliation brings us back to our true selves
2. Israel (Our Example): God's Plan for Sonship
3. Israel (Our Example):Discipline and Boundaries
4. Israel (Our Example):God's Desire for Intimacy
5. Israel (Our Example):The Father's Role

"I want to help you see and live life from God's point of view"

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