A Passion for the Truth - DVD
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A Passion for the Truth - DVD

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We are living in a time of casual Christianity, where many of God's people don't really know God's Word. Christians today should be leading the way in defining our culture, but many have trouble articulating what they believe. This makes them vulnerable to errors in understanding God's Word, and has led many to call our modern version of faith "Christianity-light." In this timely message, A. R. Bernard stresses the importance of taking up the serious study of God's Word. As Christians, we need to be able to respond in boldness when today's society asks the critical questions of faith. A Passion for the Truth: Learning to Rightly Divide God's Word will teach you:
o The dangers of casual Christianity
o Why context is so important in any Bible study
o How the information you receive defines the expectations you form
o The importance of knowing WHY you believe what you believe
"Every Christian-everyone-who names the name of Jesus and calls himself a Christian has the responsibility to study the Word of God!"

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